Pregnancy and Labour Massage

Pregnancy and Labour Massage

Pregnancy is a time of vast change as the baby develops and the mum’s body has to adapt to support this. It can produce a mixture of emotional and physical symptoms and these can also affect the unborn child.

There is evidence that reducing the mum’s stress can reduce that passed on to the baby and set the mum up for less stress during labour, especially if the birthing partner has also been taught some massage strokes that can be used during labour.

Providing you have no other health concerns, massage can take place throughout the pregnancy and be a chance for the mum to relax, focus on the baby and herself and ease symptoms that arise such as lower back pain, headaches, calf cramps, mood swings and swelling of ankles.

I can provide you with regular treatments and teach your birthing partner some useful techniques for symptomatic relief during labour if required.

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